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Training Effectiveness for Surgical Simulations

How realistic does the simulation need to be for effective training? We are trying to find an answer to this question by conducting variety of experiments .On the one hand, it is possible to learn the surgical practices with an unrealistic model, which may lead to negative training transfer. However, because of the learning abilities and perceptual limitations of the sensory, motor, and cognitive system of the human user, perfect simulation is unnecessary. Futhermore, given the large variations in human anatomy and physiology, there is no single perfect model, and wide variations exist in geometry an material properties of the organs. The main question is how simple a simulation can we get away with, while at the same time preserving a level of fidelity between the virtual and real organ behavior that leads to positive training transfer.  Thus, one goal of this continuing study is to find out what is actually needed for effective laparoscopic VR training prior to investing time and effort into developing complicated models of human organs and tool-tissue interactions.


In Progress.

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