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Touch Lab Research

The goals of research conducted in the "Touch Lab" are to understand human haptics, develop machine haptics, and enhance human-machine interactions in virtual reality and teleoperator systems. The image below shows the relationship between the different areas of Touch Lab research. A human (left) senses and controls the position of the finger tip, while a robot (right) exerts forces to simulate contact with a virtual object. Both systems have sensors (nerves, encoders), processors (brain, computer), and actuators (muscles, motors).


Research Areas:

Human Haptics

Machine Haptics


Current work related
to Human Haptics
Current work related to
Machine Haptics
Current work related to
  • Virtual Environments Technology for Training (VETT)
  • Detecting melanoma with ultrasound backscatter microscopy (UBM)
  • Medical simulations (see above)
  • Rehabilitation devices
    • Haptic navigation aid
  • Shared virtual environments
  • Desktop of the future
  • Virtual environments for psychophysics
    • Biases of visual and haptic perspective
    • Influence of visual illusions on haptic perception
  • Industrial applications of haptics

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